HeliumX AI

We are excited to announce the beta release of HeliumX AI, a free AI image generation plugin for Adobe After Effects. With HeliumX AI, users have the ability to generate images locally using the power of their GPU.

HeliumX AI currently uses Invoke AI as the backend for Stable Diffusion. https://github.com/invoke-ai

  • Text to Image – Generate images from prompts
  • Image to Image – Generate Images using a start image, from your comp, either still or sequence
  • Style – Use dozens of style presets to keep your prompts short to get stunning results
  • Control – Use ControlNet to better control the result image, using a reference one
  • Seamless – Create seamless images to use as textures
  • Models – Import custom SDXL modes




HeliumX AI is part of the HeliumX set of plugins.

HeliumX AI is powered by Stable Diffusion.

HeliumX is a 3D toolset for Adobe After Effects. Quickly and easily create slick and sophisticated 3D animation.

From adding a single 3D model to your scene to creating beautiful complex animation, HeliumX is the easiest, but also sophisticated way to add depth to your work inside After Effects.